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QUICK SLIM system is a natural slimming treatment and the preferred wrap. The slim gel of natural plant extracts create an intensive effect on the cells of the body. Trapped excess fluid diffuse out of the cells and are disposed of through the bodys own system of elimination, a process referred to as osmosis. Unlike other body wraps, quick slim does not rely on fluid loss through perspiration. Quick slim is far more effective creating inch loss, detoxification, improved skin texture and contouring the body.

The wrap creates a thermal effect on the skin. Ideal as one off for special occasion or as a course of treatments for a more intensive result.


What happens during the body wrap treatment?

A consultation is taken and then the body prepared using dry skin brushing which invigorates and stimulates the lymphatic system and starts the process of elimination. The Slim Gel is then mixed with some essential oils to help with sluggish circulation/cellulite/ detoxification and applied to the skin. The body is then wrapped using special thermal bandages and the client left for 50 mins to relax on the couch under a blanket. This would be a perfect time to have some Reflexology or a Holistic facial or Oriental face massage while you are wrapped. The bandages are then removed.


Wrap from ankles upto bust £45

As you are wrapped up for nearly an hour its ideal to have a Reflexology or Oriental Face massage done whilst you are waiting

Wrap + Reflexology or Oriental face massage £75

Wrap + Holistic Organic Facial £80

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