Pamper Package Duo-Holistic Organic Neals Yard Facial and Back/Neck Massage



Pamper Duo -  £70

Holistic Organic Neals Yard Facial (one hour)

Back/neck massage (30mins) 


Signature pamper treatment - JR

A face and body ritual using flowing movements to take you to a deep place of relaxation. This pamper treatment combines back massage followed by Oriental face massage and finishes with Reflexology using a personal blend of aromatherapy oils lasting for 1hr 30 mins

Price £66


Please contact Jennifer to arrange an appointment: (01242) 243052 or 0797 265 7121

Gift Vouchers  - (paypal available)



To book an appointment:- (01242) 243052 or 0797 265 7121 or use the form

Gift Vouchers  - (paypal available)

Meet the Therapist

Jennifer Rooze - Holistic Therapist in Cheltenham with over 25 years experience

Jennifer Rooze BSc (Hons)

Jennifer has been working as a Holistic Therapist for the last 25 years.

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